"To service the data, computing and communications demand of objects, sensors and people, resources, compute and intelligence has to move to the Edge."

                                                      - 'Edge Internet Economy', Chetan Sharma Consulting

The Edge

Edge Computing is the next frontier for explosive growth in technology. Over 70 billion Internet connected Edge devices are projected by 2025. Edge Computing is forecast to grow to over $4 Trillion in global annual revenue by 2030, comparable in scale to cloud computing today.

Rokio Edge Platform

Rokio is an emerging leader in delivering Intelligence and Security for the Edge. Our SW platform leverages unique, proprietary, patented, proven  'fast-unstructured-data' machine learning based on Direct Learning, a totally different evolutionary path of AI. Direct Learning, integrated with the advanced functional modules that comprise our platform, offers tremendous performance advantages for Edge (IoT, mobility and robotics) applications. 

Rokio Edge Products

Rokio's first two product entries, coming in 2020, are  'Secure Edge' Internet security for IoT devices, modems and gateways and 'Intelligent Edge' data normalization, transport cost and latency reduction for IoT devices and modems. 

Founders and Executive Management

Jon Myers, CEO


25 years founding and leading technology startups in a range of deep-tech fields including SaaS analytics, edge computing, green advanced materials and materials processing and machine learning.

Sal DeTrane


General partner, Empactful Capital, a healthcare services focused venture firm in Silicon Valley. 20 years leading healthcare SaaS growth-stage companies. Led MedeAnalytics to successful exit.

Carl Berg


Silicon Valley businessman and visionary venture capitalist. Early investor in several Silicon Valley icons including Sun MicroSystems. Lead investor in Berg Health, a leading private Life Sciences company.

Our Team


Combined 30 years of experience with Direct Learning and the CURE platform that power our Edge Products. 


Experts in conventional AI, sensor data, signal processing and Rokio's Direct Learning technology.


Domain experts in IoT, media and entertainment, life sciences, healthcare, defense and security. 

Learn More

Contact us to request more information on Rokio, our technology and products, Secure Edge and Intelligent Edge, or to discuss other sensor AI Use-Cases of interest. We can provide technical white papers, Use-Case studies, bench data and demonstrations..

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Rokio announces a partnership for entertainment media search with Emporia Software.